Wv high school business plan competition

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Board of Writing Minutes, 7 Marchtimer added. Description: This competition is modeled on similar programs offered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in southwestern Pennsylvania, and is designed to increase entrepreneurial efforts as well as support the Small Business Innovation Research Program sponsored by the West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation.

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The. Secretary of State among speakers at West Virginia high school/collegiate business plan competition workshop February 3 Thursday, February 01, MORGANTOWN, video-accident.com — West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner will be among several experts who will work with high school and collegiate student teams hoping to create viable businesses in the state.

West Virginia High School Business Plan Competition Governor's Workforce Credential The Governor’s Workforce Credential signifies a student’s knowledge of business processes within a Simulated Workplace environment. Welcome to the 12th annual West Virginia Statewide Collegiate Business Plan Competition, hosted by West Virginia University’s BrickStreet Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the College of Business and Economics.

Promotional Video showcasing the West Virginia High School Business Plan Competition and its positive effects on young entrepreneurs around the state.

Later, as director of the Entrepreneurship Center, she took the fledgling WVU-only annual student business plan competition to colleges statewide.

Now, as WVU assistant vice president for entrepreneurship and innovation, she’s infusing a pyramidal approach to .

Wv high school business plan competition
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