Retirement and planning and small business

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Small Business

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Retirement plan options for small business owners and freelancers While individuals who work for large employers are often set up with a predetermined retirement plan, small business owners have to select and manage their own plans.

Five considerations for retirement planning as a small business. The first step is a basic but necessary one for small business owners – offer a retirement plan. "Expenses for small retirement plans have been on the decrease in recent years," Wassenaar says. Planning for Business Transition Prepare yourself and your business for transition.

As you think about potential business transition and retirement plans, it is important to have a realistic sale, transition or exit strategy well in advance of your anticipated date.

For small business owners who face the daily pressures of running a business, the prospect of saving enough money to sustain a decent lifestyle for a long retirement can be daunting. Saving for retirement often takes a backseat to building a company whether financial times are prosperous or not.

Life After Retirement: Planning and Enjoying Some people look forward to a life of travel and exploration after retirement. For others, retirement is a chance to pursue long-held dreams. Business Retirement Planning Compare plan features and contribution limits for business retirement plans.

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Retirement and planning and small business
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