Ofgem riio ed1 business plans

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RIIO-ED1 Business plan assessment and fast-tracked consultation

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Strategy decision for RIIO-ED1 - Overview

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The business plans submitted by WPD subsidiaries, and key milestones in the RIIO-ED1 process, are posted on PPL's website. PPL Corporation, with revenues of $12 billion, is one of the largest.

RIIO Incentive Framework 10th EU-US Energy Regulators Roundtable Hannah Nixon 8 April 2 Issues to consider for ED1 • DNO approach to developing business plans – scenarios and investment justification detailed and better justified business plans Ofgem staying true to RIIO principles.

2 Ofgem () Assessment of the RIIO-ED1 Business Plans, Ofgem () RIIO-ED1: Draft determinations for the slow- track electricity distribution companies, Company Business Plans 3 Ofgem () RIIO-ED1: Draft determinations for the slow-track electricity distribution companies, p RIIO‐ED1 Business Plan Review • Well‐justified business plans – Requirement to submit a high‐quality, long‐term “Well‐Justified Business Plan” • In order to address the uncertainty in the 8‐year RIIO‐ED1 period, Ofgem has.

Submission to Ofgem on electricity networks' RIIO-ED1 business plans

RIIO-ED1 Business Plan Smart Metering Strategy Issue {2} Commercially – Restricted Page 3 of 29 Smart metering is a new technology within the UK energy market and our estimate of benefits is based on a joint network operator and consultant assessment facilitated by the ENA.

• RIIO ED-1 Bid team - Overview of the price control process and the new RIIO framework.

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Exposure to Price Control review mechanics and participated in RIIO ED1 business plan submission to Ofgem. • License Finance - Overview of the reporting aspect of the license finance video-accident.com: RIIO T2 Regulatory Finance Lead .

Ofgem riio ed1 business plans
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