Imagine h2o business plan competition

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Tech Competition Calls for Drought Relief Proposals

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New WEF And Imagine H2O Partnership Advances Water Entrepreneurship

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OxyMem Wins 2015 Imagine H2O Infrastructure Challenge Award in USA

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TerrAvion and CSS: Winners of Water-Security Startup Competition

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Water-Energy Wins in San Francisco

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Imagine H2O Competition MARCH 19, - PaveDrain, LLC announced as winner of the Early Revenue Track of the Imagine. San Francisco, CA /PRNewswire/ - Imagine H2O, a nonprofit supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in the water sector, today announced a three-year philanthropic investment from Wells Fargo to expand its program offerings, including its annual business plan competition for water innovation and the Imagine H2O Accelerator Program, which.

At its 5th Annual Business Innovations Competition, the global nonprofit organization, Imagine H2O, announced this year’s winners. The competition was split into two categories: companies in early-stage and growth-stage phases.

Imagine H2O’s annual business plan competition attracts a global field of entrepreneurs and features a judging panel of leading water experts.

The winning companies enter Imagine H2O’s Accelerator Program where they. “Imagine H2O is an enabling innovation platform and I look forward to monitoring the progress of these companies.” This year’s prize topic was wastewater, with the competition focused on wastewater management, water reuse, treatment, resource recovery, and energy production.

Imagine h2o business plan competition
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Imagine H2O Announces Water Prize Finalists - The Stormwater Report