E-2 investor visa business plan

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Contact Details for the U. To find out more about the new people or other investor visas, contact Nelson Legal, P.

E-2 Visa Business Plan

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Want To Start A Small Business in the United States? An E-2 Visa May Be Perfect For You.

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The immigrant investor category requires three main elements: • An investment of capital; • In a new commercial enterprise; • Which creates jobs. Each element is explained in this chapter in the context of both the stand-alone program and the Regional Center Program. Aug 24,  · The main purpose of the e-2 business plan is that it will provide the immigration officer the idea that the prospective business is indeed a successful one and to help the officer to make the decision of granting the e2 visa and to provide the investor with the status of immigration in the US/5(2).

USA Visa Application Service. Visas or Visa Waivers are required for foreign nationals visiting the United States for tourism, transit, business, work, academic, investment, marriage, medical or other purposes.

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E-2 Investor Visa applications generally require a substantial amount of supporting documentation to demonstrate that the investor and the investment enterprise meet the requirements stated above.

The Plan writers offers the unparallel level of business plan writing expertise to. The E-2 Investor Visa allows an individual to enter and work inside of the United States based on an investment he or she will be controlling, while inside the United States.

This visa must generally be renewed every two years, but there is no limit to how many times one can renew. The investment must be "substantial." Investor visas are available only to citizens of certain countries.

Does an E-2 Visa “Lead To” A Green Card?

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E-2 investor visa business plan
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